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Floral Fragrance: Blossoming Scents

A feminine, soft, sensual floral fragrance with a blend of the most beautiful flowers.


Floral fragrances capture the beauty of bright bouquets, gently stimulating your senses, transporting you to different times and places. They feel supremely cleansing and caring, softly creamy with the occasional spark of marine adventure to take you on a beautiful journey around the world. They combine the subtle, aromatic notes from flowers to create a scent sensation that lightly wraps around your skin.

Whichever floral fragrance you choose, you’re assured an experience that will take you on a joyous journey of a thousand miles. From sophisticated, rich bouquets with gardenias and ylang ylang, to an amble through a summer garden filled with white flowers, jasmine, rose, magnolias and mimosas, you’ll find a floral scent to take you on a memorable trip.


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