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Woody Fragrance: Sophisticated Scents

Rich, earthy notes from a blend of woody scents for a long-lasting, smoky, signature fragrance that’s steeped in opulence.


Woody fragrances embody scents of the great outdoors. Opulent and rich, their distinctive aroma comes from a walk in the woods – trees, resin, moss, bark, pinecones, bushes and roots. These fragrances are intensely earthy, yet crisp and warm, often with a twist of aromatic citrus notes that dance around your senses and add elegant depth. The scents are complex, sometimes smoky and linger delightfully on your skin all day.

Woody fragrances get their rich, complex scent from warming cedarwood, sweet sandalwood, earthy vetiver and fresh cypress. When carefully blended together they bring a sense of relaxation and happiness that’s found when surrounded by trees in woods and forests.


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