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Chypre Citrus Fragrance: Invigorating Scents

A sophisticated fusion of bright fragrances, combining the fresh, uplifting notes of lime, lemon, mandarin and orange with the lightness of flowers and earthiness of moss.


Chypre (pronounced sheep-ra), a thoroughly sophisticated fragrance, was first created in 1917 by blending notes of zesty citrus, earthy mosses, the musky sweetness of patchouli and the rich complexity of labdanum. This intriguing yet elegant scent is warm, earthy and relaxing. It's a unique fragrance, reminiscent of an autumn forest walk with bright red and golden leaves quietly crunching under your feet.

Citrus fragrances are effervescent, sparkling and sunny. They bring radiant freshness to any scent with grand zests of lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin and lime. Citrus essential oils steep fragrances in uplifting, crisp energy that invigorates and energises.


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