Palmolive UP!

Upcycled Eucalyptus & Apple Notes Body Wash


Upcycled ingredients & tube made of sugarcane


Enjoy an uplifting shower experience with Palmolive Up! Shower Gel created with upcycled eucalyptus and apple notes. Using upcycled ingredient means more is used and less is wasted. The vegan body wash comes in a recyclable tube• that’s made from sugarcane, creating 19% less CO2 emissions than a regular PE tube♦. It also has a formula of 96% natural origin♥ that’s 97% biodegradable.

Upcycled ingredient

96% natural origin formula♥

No microplastic 

Vegan formula

Dermatologically tested

Recyclable sugarcane tube♦


♥water and naturally sourced ingredients with limited processing

♦ ︎For more info:

• ︎vs a regular PE tube

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