Palmolive UP!

Rose Petals Infusion & Natural Black Tea Body Wash


Upcycled ingredients & tube made of sugarcane


Elevate your shower experience with Palmolive Up! Shower Gel created with upcycled rose petals & natural black tea scent. Using upcycled ingredient means more is used and less is wasted. The vegan body wash comes in a recyclable tube• that’s made from sugarcane, creating 19% less CO2 emissions than a regular PE tube♦. It also has a formula of 96% natural origin♥ that’s 97% biodegradable.

Upcycled ingredient

96% natural origin formula♥

No microplastic 

Vegan formula

Dermatologically tested

Recyclable sugarcane tube♦


♥water and naturally sourced ingredients with limited processing

♦ ︎For more info:

• ︎vs a regular PE tube

Palmolive Naturals



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