Types of Hand Soap: Choosing Right



From liquid to foam, have you ever wondered what the difference is between types of hand soap? Are certain cleansers more effective at removing germs and which ones are best at keeping the skin soft? Here we reveal the details that differentiate each type of soap, their individual benefits and how and when to use them effectively.

Liquid soap


Liquid soaps are packaged in pump bottles which makes them hygienic and convenient to use. They’re also ideal for more sensitive and dry skin types as they create a rich lather and generally have a low pH level which makes them gentle and hydrating. You can use liquid soaps as many times as you like throughout your day.

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Foam soap


Foam soaps start out as a liquid but transform into a foam once they are pumped out of their dispensers. They are generally thought to go a little further than a liquid as you don’t need as much product to create a rich lather – this makes them ideal for family settings and busy home environments. Many foam cleansers also contain moisturising ingredients that don’t dry out the skin and are gentle on all skin types including sensitive.

Bar soap


Bar soaps don’t require plastic packaging so are a more environmentally friendly option in comparison to liquids and foams that create wastage. Many hand soaps also contain lipids and moisturisers that create a rich lather and are available in many different varieties – from medicated, to scented, and handmade. They’re also cost effective as they last a long time but are best reserved for use in the family home – it is unhygienic to use a bar of soap that has been handled by many different people.

How to pick the best soap for your skin


Choosing the right soap is very much down to your personal preference. Hand washes in plastic containers are the most hygienic options in public bathrooms as you can be sure that no one else has touched the soap inside. Bar soaps, however, are best reserved to the home where only a select number of people from the same family will use them. When you have chosen which type of hand soap is for you, you can then look for ingredients within the formula that are suited to your skin type – such as anti-bacterial aloe vera or hydrating shea butter.

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