Biodegradable shower gel 

You may not realise it, but the everyday products you use in your daily personal care routine may be harmful to the planet. When you wash these products off your skin, they end up in a water treatment facility, but they may still have an impact on the environment because their formulas aren’t biodegradable

What is a biodegradable product and its impact on the environment?


Biodegradable products, ingredients and formulas, like those in a biodegradable shower gel and other personal care products will all be broken down into the natural elements, carbon dioxide and water. Almost everything is biodegradable, but some things, like plastic, might take hundreds or thousands of years to biodegrade, which is why they pollute our oceans and lands. Biodegradation happens when nature breaks something down into organic matter that can be used by other organisms.

What are the ingredients found in a biodegradable shower gel?


A biodegradable shower gel will contain some ingredients that can be easily broken down. These ingredients include surfactants and glycerine. You should keep these ingredients in mind and look out for them when choosing an ecological shower gel or a biodegradable shower gel. 

Discover how quality biodegradable shower gels are made


Scientists from around the world are also always looking for new biodegradable ingredients for biodegradable shower gels. Some extracts and fragrances in biodegradable shower gels are partially biodegradable, and work is always being done to find more sustainable ways to bring you the fragrances you love.

There are already some products that have mostly biodegradable ingredients incorporated into them like a natural olive soap or liquid soap that does not dry the skin. There’s still a long way to go, but scientists are making great strides to find ingredients that are more mindful to the planet. 

Explore the Palmolive range of natural and biodegradable products that suit your different needs  


The Palmolive range of body wash products all have a high percentage of biodegradable shower gel ingredients. These ingredients are naturally derived and are easily broken down when they’re used. Here are a few of the ranges for you to choose from for specific needs:

1. Moisture: the Palmolive Naturals range of body washes contain moisturising milk to leave your skin soft and supple, and they all have ingredients of 95% natural origin and a 95% biodegradable formula.

2. Delightful scents: Palmolive Pure & Delight body washes contain a moisturiser of 100% natural origin, ingredients of 95% natural origin and a 96% biodegradable shower gel formula.

3. Wellness: if you’re looking to balance, nourish and revitalise yourself, the Palmolive Wellness range is right for you. The products in the range all have 100% natural essential oils and 95% biodegradable shower gel formulas.

4. Memories: the Palmolive Memories of Nature range of shower gels have been created to take you back to amazing moments spent in nature. They all have ingredients of 95% natural origin and 95% biodegradable shower gel formulas.

5. For men: The range of Palmolive Men’s shower gels have been created to energise the shower experience and they all contain 100% natural essential oils and a 95% biodegradable shower gel formula.

When next you choose a shower gel, choose one that’s at least partially or mostly biodegradable to be a little more mindful of the planet. 

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