Shower Gel Microplastics: Sustainability Focus



We all love indulging in a long bath or shower to freshen us up for the day ahead or to wind down after a long one. Making the right choices when it comes to the products you use in the shower is just one step to doing your bit for mother earth. Some shower gels have microplastic in them, which causes plastic pollution and is harmful to the environment. In the article, we’re going to break down all the information you need to make the right decisions when it comes to microplastics and also biodegradable shower gel formulas

What are microplastics? 


Microplastics are tiny bits of solid plastic that are less than 5mm in length, contain polymers and create plastic pollution. There are two types of microplastic – ones that are already less than 5mm in length before they get into the environment and others that have been broken down from the natural weathering process of larger bits of plastic. This includes plastic bottles, fishing nets, plastic bags, microwave containers and tea bags. You can find microplastic from a number of different sources, including cosmetics, clothing and even as a result of certain industrial processes.

Which products contain microplastic?


Some shower gels have formulas that contain microplastics that are not biodegradable. Some of these can be in the form of microbeads or glitter, which are used for their exfoliating action or appearance, and are harmful to the planet. You should try to find products that don’t contain these or shower gels that are biodegradable. 

Learn how to prevent microplastic reaching the sea. Shop with confidence.


Each time you shower with a shower gel that contains microplastics, you wash them down the drain, into the sewers and waterways, which then make their way into oceans and soil, and cause plastic pollution. Choosing the right products is important to do your bit for the planet.

The easiest way to help prevent microplastic ending up in the ocean and soil is to buy products that don’t contain them. There are many types of soap and shower gels that don’t contain microplastic, such as all Palmolive shower gels. Choosing them is making an active decision about your impact on the planet.

You should also recycle the plastic bottles your products come in as these can be broken down by the natural weathering process to become microplastics, which pollute the oceans and soil. There are, however, still challenges when it comes to plastic pollution and a lot of companies are working hard to create zero-waste, sustainable packaging.

You should also look out for a biodegradable shower gel formula to lessen your impact on the ecosystem. All Palmolive shower gels contain 95% biodegradable formulas. 

Reasons why shower gels made from natural ingredients are better for the environment


Another part of considering the environment is looking out for products that have been made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients. There are many types of soap and shower gels that have these types of formulas, which tend to have less of an impact on the planet. They come from nature and return to nature.

Palmolive is committed to reducing its impact on the planet, which is why their range of body washes have high percentage biodegradable shower gel formulas, ingredients of natural origins and no microplastics. Naturally derived ingredients are also used whenever they can be, and Palmolive is always looking for ways to include more of these. They also try to use recycled packaging that can be recycled again, wherever possible. It’s for you and the earth. 

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