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Soap vs Shower Gel: Which to Choose



Soaps and shower gels are both essential for keeping clean and can make your daily cleansing routine a more pleasurable experience, but which is right for you? Is a traditional soap better than a shower gel or is a liquid cleanser the best choice for your family? Our simple guide explains the benefits of liquid and solid soap, plus the Palmolive products that can help.

Soap and shower gel: What’s the difference?


Soap and shower gel can both be used to effectively clean the skin but they differ in several ways. Soap comes in the form of a bar, is usually made with animal or vegetable fats and is often scented with essential oils or moisturisers such as glycerine. Shower gels, on the other hand, come in liquid form and are packaged in plastic or glass containers. They also come in different textures – from creamy washes to foaming gels – with specific ingredients to target skin concerns such as dryness or sensitivity.

When to use soap for showering


Solid soap bars such as Palmolive Moisture Care with olive oil extract can be used to cleanse the hands, face and body in the shower. Body soaps like this are very hydrating and keep the skin moisturised, soft and clean. Simply moisten the solid soap under warm water to soften its texture and create a lather before applying to the skin and rinsing off.

When to use liquid shower gel or shower cream


Shower gels come in many fragrances and textures – from coconut, to revitalising sea salt and soothing aloe vera - and can be used to create a really indulgent cleansing experience. They’re generally suitable for the body while some can be used on the hair and face too. Make sure you check before using a shower gel on the face, however, as it can cause irritation if the formula isn’t suitable.

For a great all-round shower cream, try Palmolive Naturals Shower & Bath for Kids. It has a gentle paediatrician-tested formula that’s pH neutral and enriched with 100% natural extracts of almond and aloe vera. If you prefer to take a shower before bed, try Palmolive Aroma Moments So Relaxed Aromatic Shower Gel with lavender essential oil, Ylang Ylang and Cardamom. Its enveloping fragrance will help you feel calm and relaxed.

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