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What are natural fragrances and scents


The world around us is filled with beauty and wonder. Take a walk through a beautiful park in springtime and you’ll be in harmony with nature. Take a moment to appreciate the sights and beautiful floral scents. The flowers you see and smell are the ones that go into natural fragrances. Natural floral fragrances, or any others for that matter, come directly from the oils of the flowers. Some flower essences are also extracted directly from the petals of flowers, like roses or jasmine.   


Best natural floral ingredients for body and mind


The floral family makes up the largest group of scents. They range from the smell of jasmine to the smell of orchids, rose, peonies, lavender, lillies and full bouquets of beautiful blossoms. Each one of these can have an effect on your mood and body, helping you to feel good.

●       Jasmine: The smell of jasmine is known for its ability to help calm you when you’re feeling stressed and tired.

●       Orange blossom: This alluring floral scent is thought to energise you, giving a much needed boost to busy lives.

●       Lavender and rose: These delicate floral scents of these flowers can help you to relax and unwind after a busy day.

●       Camellia: A beautiful floral scent that will bring a sense of calm and wellbeing to help boost your mood.


Which floral scents can be mixed?


With so many floral scents to choose from, it’s not always easy to know which ones blend in perfect harmony. When you blend certain floral scents together, they create different moods and fragrance types. For sweet, uplifting floral scents, lavender, jasmine, geranium and hyacinth are the perfect partners. If you’re looking for a beautiful floral oriental perfume scent, patchouli, vanilla and mandarin are gently mixed. Some floral scents also work really well alone. The smell of orchids, the smell of jasmine or even rose are enough on their own to lift your spirits.    


What your scent says about you


The floral scents you choose, from orchids to patchouli or ylang ylang to rose, are an embodiment of your lifestyle and state of mind. They’re an extension of you, enhancing your personality and interests, whether that bright and fun to warm and caring, energetic and playful or sophisticated and complex. Choosing the right one for you becomes just part of who you are and can make you feel in harmony with nature. 


Best natural floral ingredients for your personal care routine  


Bringing floral scents into your home will help to keep it, and you, in harmony with nature. Consider using different ones in different places around your home.

●       Transport yourself back to sun drenched fields of lavender with Palmolive Memories of Nature Sunset Relax Shower Gel. It’s floral scent will not only take you back to that time and place, but it’ll also help you to reconnect with nature.

●       Add the smell of orchids to every shower with Palmolive Naturals Orchid & Milk Shower Cream. It has a delicate floral scent and ingredients of 95% natural origin to help you reconnect with nature.

●       If you’re looking for indulgent floral scents, try Palmolive Naturals Camelia & Almond Shower Cream that moisturises and is delicate on skin.

●       The smell of jasmine is delicate and sweet - perfect for a handwash. Palmolive Magic Softness Foam Hand Wash is gorgeously fragranced and has a silky foam that’s a treat to wash your hands with.

●       Awaken the memories of time spent in meadows with Palmolive memories of Nature Flower Field Shower Gel. The floral scents in this body wash will dance on your skin and transport you back to those times.


Whether you love the smell of jasmine or the smell of orchids, there are natural floral scents that will match your mood and personality. Indulge in them and harness the power of nature.


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