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What are fragrance families and which scent is right for you?


Have you ever given much thought to why you love a scent or fragrance? You’ll choose everyday products, whether it’s a honey soap or peppermint shower gel, based on what they smell like. These scents, and all others, are part of fragrance families. If you go through all the different fragrances and scents in your home, you’ll probably find that you tend to choose ones from specific fragrance families. Sometimes, the scents you choose from different fragrance families, whether they are woody scents, floral scents or a spicy scent, will differ depending on your mood or the time of year.


By understanding the different types of fragrance families and the effects they have on your mood and personality, you’ll easily be able to find a scent you love the next time you’re choosing. If you’d like a bit of help finding a Palmolive product with a scent you’ll love, try out our fragrance finder quiz.    


Floral scents


Floral scents can range from flowery fragrances that lightly dance around your senses to bright, full bouquets that can fill a room. The ingredients in floral scents can have fresh, watery notes with a sparkling marine touch or combinations of sophisticated garden flowers like gardenias and ylang ylang. They can also bring together the cleansing, caring floral scents of white flowers such as jasmine, rose, magnolias and mimosas. Floral scents have the power to brighten your mood, leaving you feeling more positive.


Citrus and chypre scents


The chypre scent (pronounced sheep-ra) is a relatively new type of scent in the fragrance families. It was created just over a 100 years ago and exudes sophistication. The chypre scent blends together uplifting, zesty citrus, deeply earthy moss, the musky sweetness of patchouli and the rich complexity of labdanum. It’s unique in its elegance and known for its sensuality. The chypre scent will not just leave you feeling calm but also relaxed and sophisticated.


Citrus scents are full of life. They’re fresh and enlivening with zesty lemon, orange grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin and lime. They’ll leave you feeling energised and ready to take on any day.


Fruity scents  


Fruity scents are fun fragrances that playfully linger around your senses. These uplifting fragrances include big, bright berries, and lashings of red and yellow fruits. Fruity scents have the power to take you on an island holiday with notes of mango, coconut, papaya or even banana or to a sprawling orchid filled with ripe peaches, pears and apples. Fruity scents will leave you feeling playful and optimistic, while boosting your mood.    


Spicy scents


A spicy scent brings together the deeply alluring fragrances of the middle east from a burst of fresh cardamom to warming cinnamon, ginger, pepper, cloves and coriander. When blended into a sophisticated fusion, they add a spark to a spicy scent with a mixture of freshness, warmth and depth. A spicy scent will make you feel more alive and profoundly elegant and sophisticated.    


Oriental scents  


Straight from the far east, oriental scents take your sense on faraway adventures. They’re rich, warm and complex fragrances with sweet amber and luxurious vanilla base notes. Oriental scents take you on an adventure of ancient beauty rituals with nourishing oils of argan or shea butter. Oriental scents gently idle on your skin and leave you feeling sophisticated while exuding unique warmth.    


What your scent says about you 


The fragrances you choose, from wood scents to fruity scents and all others in the fragrance families are an embodiment of your lifestyle and state of mind. They’re an extension of you, enhancing your personality and interests, whether they’re bright and fun to warm and caring, energetic and playful or sophisticated and complex. Choosing the right one for you becomes just part of who you are and can make you feel better about yourself by harnessing the power of nature.   


How to choose the right scent for your lifestyle and mood


Finding the right scent for you from the fragrance families can sometimes be a little difficult. That’s why we’ve created a Fragrance Finder Quiz to help you find your perfect scent. By answering just a few questions about your mood, favourite time of year and most loved places, we’ll recommend a Palmolive product with a fragrance that you’ll love. Take the quiz now.  


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