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How to Wash Yourself: Comperehensive Guide



From our confidence levels, to professional relationships and overall health, showering regularly and looking after ourselves is important for many aspects of our lives. But how often should you shower and what are the best products to use? Here we reveal our top tips for maintaining great personal hygiene while caring for your skin.

Why is personal hygiene important?


As we go about our day, we perspire from sweat glands that are distributed all over the body – especially under the arms, on the palms, soles and head. You can ensure you stay feeling and smelling fresh throughout the day by applying an anti-perspirant or deodorant. However, it’s still important to remove sweat from the body by taking a shower and cleansing the whole body with a shower gel or foam. Regular showers will prevent the development of body odour – the smell created when bacteria that lives on the skin breaks down sweat into acids -  and any social embarrassment that it can cause.

How often should you shower?


Many people find that taking a shower each morning helps them feel fresh and awake, but every other day is enough to maintain good personal hygiene. However, if you are very active and exercise regularly, you should take a shower more often to remove sweat from the body. Showering immediately after vigorous exercise also prevents the development of skin conditions such as back acne. Be mindful of showering too often or using very hot water, however, as this can strip the skin of essential oils and leave your body feeling dry and sensitive.

How long should you spend in the shower?


Dermatologists recommend spending anywhere between five and 15 minutes in the shower. Cooler, shorter showers are thought to be better for your skin as very hot water can cause irritation and redness. Not only is a shower great for keeping your body clean and hygienic, but it can also be a great way to relax and unwind.

The best shower products to use


Using a shower gel is the best way to cleanse and care for your skin in the shower. Palmolive Naturals Shower Gel with honey and milk is enriched with natural extracts to moisturise the skin and leave if feeling soft and smooth. This makes it an ideal choice for drier and more sensitive skin types. If you prefer more of a refreshing shower experience, opt for Palmolive Aroma Moments with dead sea salt, aloe vera and watermint. This gently exfoliating shower scrub will leave the skin feeling super soft, clean and glowing. Use it whenever you need an invigorating lift.

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