Irresistible Softness

Extracts of black orchid and aloe vera


Palmolive Naturals Irresistible Softness Shower Milk is enriched with moisturising milk and extracts of 100% natural origin of Orchid and Aloe Vera. Its rich, velvety formula wraps you in the sensual scent of exotic flowers.


Moisturising - Enriched with natural extracts


Refined and Sensual

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  • Ingredients

    • Black Orchid. Orchids have fascinated people since early times. They have been the symbol of love, luxury and beauty for centuries. In the middle ages, orchids played a major role in herbal remedies. They were also regarded as an aphrodisiac and have been one of the main ingredients in certain love potions.
    • Milk. Milk has been part of the human diet ever since people in the Middle East first tamed wild cattle 9 or 10 thousand years ago. The world’s earliest written records found in India and dating back nearly 6,000 years mention milk as an essential food.